2013-01-03 Minutes


MINUTES OF January 3, 2013 MEETING

Remlap Fire & EMS District

The meeting was called to order by Chairman John Reed. Chief Wade gave the invocation. The following member organizations were represented: Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Dallas-Selfville, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mt. High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Rosa, Snead, St. Mountain, and Summit. EMA, 9·1·1, Forestry, BREMSS, Blount EMS, Law Enforcement, LifeSaver, and Red Cross were also represented. 9·1·1 Board Supervisor Neal Brooks was present.

GUESTS – Stacey Waldrop – VFIS Insurance sponsored the meal and thanked all who have done business with them in the past and encouraged others to talk with him about departmental insurance needs. Mike Graves of Cullman County was present and addressed the group about his ideas to represent part of Blount County as a candidate for the upcoming HD11 Alabama House of Representatives election.

Chairman Reed asked for the approval of the minutes of the November, 2011 meeting. Motion by Chief Wade, seconded by Assistant Chief Benson and carried by voice vote. The Financial Report was approved by a motion from Chief Glass, seconded by Chief Head, and carried by voice vote.


CHAIRMAN – Chairman Reed acknowledged those departments that had perfect attendance for the 2012 year: Blountsville, Mt. High, Remlap, Ricetown, Snead, Straight Mtn and Summit. He also recognized Chris Hill as being the new Chief at Holly Springs Fire Department. Jim Phillips now serves as the Assistant Chief for Holly Springs. John explained the idea of conducting a Fire Chief’s Conference this spring for upper departmental Executive Officers. A variety of topics will be discussed with different subject matter experts making the presentations in a full day conference. Static displays will include items such as the Special Ops equipment, EMA Communication Vehicle and Red Cross DAT and feeding vehicles. All Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs are requested to attend. If you know of any other vendors who may be interested in setting up, please let us know. More information will be presented as time approaches with the conference to be held on March 9, 2013 from 0800-1600 at the Frank Green Building, 415 5th Avenue East, Oneonta.

EMA – Director Max Armstrong recognized Brooksville Fire Department for having recently been awarded a grant to install a new outdoor warning siren. If any department still has a siren that has not been narrow-banded, it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that process is completed. The 1st quarter Fuelman report was given with usage of 106% of the quarterly budget. There was a reminder that Fuelman reports are due every Monday morning to EMA by email or fax. It was reported that the Fuelman tank is now at Snead but not operational until phone, internet and power service can be installed.

9·1·1/COMMUNICATIONS –Run reports were handed out. Please let Max know if any end-of-year run reports are needed specific to your department. Also, search for and let Max or Neal know of any new dead communication areas in your coverage caused by the narrow-band conversions. Lee Rhudy has resigned from the 9·1·1 Board so the Fire Association will need to supply three names to the County Commission for appointment consideration.

TRAINING – Training Officer Tim Frye, Jr. listed numerous training opportunities that will be placed on Egroups. (see attached). Holly Springs will start a Basic EMT course to be advertised at a later date.


FORESTRY – Forestry Specialist Terry Helms thanked the seven departments that applied for and received AFC equipment grants. If your department operates Federal Surplus equipment on loan and inventoried by the Forestry Commission, you will need to supply proof of insurance to Terry every 12 months. This paperwork must list the specific VIN and vehicle or item description. Terry reminded all to be safe and have a good year.

SPECIAL OPS – No report.


BREMSS – John discussed four items of business that came from the December Board of Directors meeting: The new BREMSS Bulletin was sent out. If you did not receive one, BREMSS needs your current email address. Starting in February there will be a luncheon at a rotating location for EMS Coordinators. Also three case studies will be done each month through the website for Con-Ed. As Training Center for The American Heart Association, BREMSS will impose a cost increase for non-EMS related cards to those not involved in the Fire/EMS service due to card stock price increases. Fire & EMS personnel will still receive free cards.

Blount EMS – Tammy asked that you call if you have any problems.

AMED – No report.

LAW ENFORCEMENT – SGT Investigator Fred Cochran sent thanks from Sheriff Arrington for all that the Fire/EMS personnel do in Blount County. Fred was thankful for a peaceful New Year’s holiday and asked that you contact him if you need anything.

CORONER – No report.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY – District Attorney Pamela Casey sent word that the Straight Mountain arson fire sentencing hearing will be on February 5 at 1330. She asked that firefighters from any department that are able be in attendance as a show of support.

LIFESAVER – Pilot Wesley Powell reported from the State EMS News Letter about the new air-to-ground frequency change. Lifesaver has this frequency but it is up to requesting agency to use any designated frequency. Fire 2 sometimes has poor service or interference but it can be used if designated. Max suggested using Fire 2 TA to improve communications with air ambulance because you will bypass the repeater. Negotiations are in progress for establishing an air-base facility in western Blount County.

AIR-EVAC – No report.

RED CROSS – Red Cross Volunteer/Chaplain Art Cranston advised that the Blount County office is in the process of evaluating all of the emergency shelter agreements in Blount County. If you know of a facility that is interested in becoming an authorized shelter, please let them know. At this time there are only three DAT members: Volunteer Coordinator Pat Seames, Andy Malone and himself with individuals from Cullman County serving as back-up personnel. Red Cross would like to request the use of the Blount County fire frequency to use for volunteers responding to fire calls. They would be glad to come to individual departments to help train and discuss Red Cross functions with your membership.

GOOD & WELFARE – No report.


§ John reported that the payment from Govdeals.com had been received for the smoke trailer and the insurance company has already issued a credit for the unused portion of coverage.


§ A motion to pay the annual AAVFD dues @ $990.00 was given by Chief Hill with second from Chief Head, passed by voice vote. This is a budgeted item.

§ A motion to approve hosting the AAVFD Dist II meeting with meal (another budgeted item) was given by Chief Bynum and seconded by Chief Wade and passed by voice vote. This meeting will be Thursday, January 24 at 1900 at O’ So Good BBQ in Oneonta.

§ There is a need to present the names of three individuals to the County Commission to fill the 9·1·1 Board Member slot caused by the resignation of Lee Rhudy. Preferably these individuals should be residents of either Commission Districts 1, 2 or 4. Names offered for presentation to the Commission were Tim Frye, Sr. of District 1; Lee Netherton of District 2; and Dean Gilbert of District 4. These names were approved by voice vote on a motion from Assistant Chief Ken Edwards, seconded by Chief Head. These names will be presented at the next County Commission meeting.

§ The July Association meeting will fall on July 4th this year so the meeting date needs to be moved to Thursday, July 11. After agreement from July host Straight Mountain Fire Department the Chair received a motion from Assistant Chief Blackmon with second from Chief Robertson which passed by voice vote.

The next meeting will be February 7 at West Blount Fire. The meal will be at 6:30 sponsored by Total Radio.