2022-07-07 Minutes

                                                                                                                                  Location: Pine Mountain Fire
  Date: July 7, 2022
  Time: 1900 hours


  July 2022 Meeting Minutes




  • Representatives of each member department were accounted for: Bangor, Blount Cnty RS, Blountsville, Brooksville, Cleveland, Dallas/Selfville, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mount High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Rosa, Royal, Snead, Straight Mountain, Susan Moore.
  • Member Departments not present: Allgood, Summit, and West Blount
  • Associate members present: EMA, Special Ops, BREMSS, Blount EMS, State FM Office, AL Fire College
  • Associate Members not present: 911/COMMS, Forestry, STV-Blount, Law Enforcement, Coroner, Lifesaver, RAMS, Survival Flight, Red Cross, District Attorney, VOAD.


Previous Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to Accept:  Chief Reed - Nectar
  • 2nd Motion to Accept: Assistant Chief Peek – Straight Mountain
  • Minutes were approved with no objections


Financial Reports

  • Motion to Accept: Frye – Mount High
  • 2nd Motion to Accept: Chief Stockton – Dallas/Selfville Fire
  • Reports was approved with no objections


Old Business

·         No Old Business

Committee Reports


·        The Ambulance Advisory Meeting is July 21st at 9AM, this meeting is open to the public


  • Fuelman Report - Our annual budget is $60,000, as of July 3rd we have used $81,020.81  
  • Need to update Blount County annex, email Don with questions by August 1st
  • Fuel Receipts are due each Monday.
  • EMA has updated the Hazardous Mitigation Plan – This is the plan put into place after a disaster has occurred.


·        911 finished up the EMD class with a great success rate


·       Investigator 1 class is full

·       Asher Class is July 16th

·       Rope I is August 29th, you can sign up for the class on the Alabama Fire College website.

·       Rope II is August 14th-16th, you can sign up for the class on the Alabama Fire College website.

·       The Grain Bin training is August 30th (Night) and August 31st (Day) at the Oneonta Airport

·       Surface Water is August 5th in Prattville, you can sign up for the class on the Alabama Fire College website.

·       Oneonta is an open test site every 4th Saturday of the month at Station 12

Fire Prevention

·        So far in 2022 there have been 68 Fire Fatalities due to no smoke alarms in the residence

·        Explorer weekend is October 28th-30th at the Alabama Fire College

Special Ops

·        Have had a couple of accidents since June Meeting


·       MDAC is July 29th at 9:30A.M

·       BLS Instructor class is July 25th

·       Licensed agencies are required to have a QI plan in 2023

·       The Awards Banquet is November 15th in Pelham

Blount EMS

·       The Advanced Class is half way done

·       Staffing for the ambulances is much better

·       Weslie is starting his retirement process

·       Transport volume is getting much higher with COVID

State Fire Marshall

·        Appreciate everything everyone is doing

AL Fire College

·        The CO-OP pays Mississippi Farm Bureau to come do the training for the Grain Bin Class. You can go to the Alabama Fire College Website to sign up for the training.

Jr. FF Camp

·        The Camp went great!

·        New Trailer looks good


NO Report from the following Departments:

·        Explorer Post

·        Forestry

·        STV-Blount

·        Law Enforcement

·        Coroner

·        District Atty Office

·        Al LifeSaver

·        RAMS

·        Survival Flight

·        Red Cross

·        VOAD


NEW Business

·        No New Business


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2000 hours. 

The next meeting will be held on August 4th at Mt. High Fire with meal at 1830.



      Meeting Locations – 2022


Jan 6 – Remlap                                                Feb 3– Nectar                                                 March 3 – West Blount
April 7 – Susan Moore                                  May 5 – Blountsville                                      Jun 2 – Straight Mnt
Jul 7 – Pine Mnt                                              Aug 4 – Mt. High/Rtown                                             Sept 1 – STV-Blount
Oct 6 – Holly Springs                                     Nov 3 – Oneonta                                            Dec 1 – Palisades/DA

                                                                                  Jessica Green


      Blount Co. Fire & EMS Association