2022-10-06 Minutes

                                                                                                                                Location: Holly Springs Fire
  Date: October 6, 2022
  Time: 1900 hours


  October 2022 Meeting Minutes




  • Representatives of each member department were accounted for: Allgood, Bangor, Blount County RS, Blountsville, Brooksville, Cleveland, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mount High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Rosa, Royal, Snead, Straight Mountain, Susan Moore, West Blount
  • Member Departments not present: Dallas Selfville, Summit
  • Associate members present: EMA, 9-1-1, Special OPS, STV-Blount, BREMSS, CORONER, LifeGuard, AL Fire College, VOAD
  • Associate Members not present: Forestry, LifeGuard ,Law Enforcement, State FM, Lifesaver, RAMS, Survival Flight, Red Cross, District Atty.



·       AmFirst(Jody), RSVP Volunteers(Jamey Hayes), Sunbelt Fire, Birmingham Freightliner


Previous Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to Accept:  Peek
  • 2nd Motion to Accept: Stockton
  • Minutes were approved with no objections


Financial Reports

  • Motion to Accept: Peek
  • 2nd Motion to Accept: Robertson
  • Reports was approved with no objections


Old Business

·        Covered Bridge Festival is October 8th – make sure if you volunteered to work it you are there.

·       If your department is working Varsity Football games make sure to turn in the form to HCA to get the money.

Committee Reports


·       No Report


  • Fuelman Report - Our annual budget is $60,000 we have used $109,835.09
  • Blount County Commission has increased the budget to $100,00 for the upcoming year
  • If your department needs your high schools fire drill maps let Don or David know
  • Fuel Receipts are due each Monday.



·       LifeGuard trucks do not have VHFs in them yet, if you need to talk to them talk to fire base and they will relay the message

·       MGA Motorola for new radios, need to know the number of radios.

911 Board Rep.

·       No Report


·       Mobile Water is November 5th, and 6th

·       Rope Refresher is October 22nd and 23rd

·       Explorer weekend is October 28th-30th


·       Wildland Forestry grant this time is 100% grant


·       November 7th-11th is the EMS Conference

·       November 7th will be the town hall meeting at the EMS Conference

·       BREMSS Banquet is Nov. 15th


·       3 medic trucks, 1 Advance truck, and 1 Basic truck on the road

·       Jeff Edwards is the ops manager



·       Thanks everyone for the help

·       If you need debriefing class let Lynn know

AL Fire College

·       The fire college just purchased pierce employees


·       Activity is not hot at this time

·       Veterans Day parade is November 5th

Jr. FF Camp

·       Camp is June 6th-9th 2023

NO Report from the following Departments:

·       Fire Prevention

·       Explorer Post

·       Special Ops

·       STV-Blount

·       Law Enforcement

·       State Fire Marshall

·       District Atty Office

·       Al LifeSaver

·       RAMS

·       Survival Flight

·       Red Cross


NEW Business

·       CAFCA is needing bodies and smokers for the Boston Butt smoking fundraiser. Don’t know an exact date but shooting for March.

·       The following are the board members for the 2023 year

                  Chairman – Chris Hill, Vice Chairman – JJ Ivey, Secretary Abby Hill, Treasurer – Doug Smith, Training – Jeff Ivey, Firefighter of the year – Jeff Ivey, EMT of the year – Aaron Armstrong


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2015 hours. 

The next meeting will be held on November 3rd at Palisades Park with meal at 1830.





 Meeting Locations – 2022


Jan 6 – Remlap                                           Feb 3– Nectar                                             March 3 – West Blount
April 7 – Susan Moore                               May 5 – Blountsville                                   Jun 2 – Straight Mnt
Jul 7 – Pine Mnt                                         Aug 4 – Mt. High/Rtown                                   Sept 1 – STV-Blount
Oct 6 – Holly Springs                                  Nov 3 – Palisades                                         Dec 1 – Oneonta

                                                                                  Jessica Green


      Blount Co. Fire & EMS Association