2023-08-03 Minutes

Location: Dallas Selfville

Date: August 3, 2023

Time: 19:00



BCFEMSA August 2023 Meeting Minutes



  • Representatives of each member department were accounted for: Allgood, Bangor, Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Cleveland, Dallas Selfville, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Royal, Snead, Straight Mountain, Susan Moore, West Blount
  • Member Departments not present: Mount High, Rosa, Summit
  • Associate members present: EMA, Forestry, Special Ops, BREMSS, Lifeguard, Coroner, Alabama Fire College
  • Associate Members not present: 911 Commission, St. Vincent’s Blount, Law Enforcement, State Fire Marshall’s Office, RAMS, Survival Flight, Red Cross, District Attorney, VOAD, Air Evac


  • Go- Rescue


Previous Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to Accept: Heath Stockton
  • 2nd Motion to Accept: John Reed
  • Minutes were approved with no objections.

Financial Reports

  • Motion to Accept: Jon Head
  • 2nd Motion to Accept: Tyler Seehusen
  • Reports were approved with no objections.

Old Business

  • No update on LUCAS devices
  • Discussion of votes to have quarterly meetings and to have a centralized meeting location.

Committee Reports


  • House Bill 455 went to signing; next goal is to speak to representatives and senate to set up a line item
  • In budget for grant program


  • At 81% of fuelman budget for the year
  • Homeland Security grant close 8/1 – Submitted for stations 7 and 8.


  • Need dispatchers
  • Depending on MCA for answers regarding radios

       911 Board

  • Same as 911.


Special Ops

  • Waiting on COWACO grant results for HAZMAT equipment
  • Working on getting a fire hydrant installed at the drill field


  • AL Council of EMS grant for AEDs for non-licensed, non-transport agencies, however licensed agencies can still apply but will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Deadline August 25.



  • Still no definite answers regarding computers/ AVLs
  • Lifeguard is not a preferred provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield


  • Fentanyl is a real fear; many overdoses and drug-related calls recently.
  • We appreciate everyone

Alabama Fire College

  • Safety Summit September 7th and 8th
  • Props being refreshed with new paint etc.
  • Bridge hours are increasing
  • Weekend classes in October- Fire Officer 1
  • RIT in January
  • Fire Investigator February
  • Pumper in August
  • Instructor 1 June, Instructor 2 July


NO Report from the following Departments:

Training, Fire Prevention, Explorer post, Forestry, St. Vincent’s Blount, Sheriff’s Office, State Fire Marshall, DA’s Office, AL Lifesaver, RAMS, Survival Flight, Red Cross, VOAD, Jr. FF Camp


   NEW Business

  • Healthcare authority update: EMS coverage for high school games will be paid
  • AED Grant MOUs
  • Nominating Committee: Scott Payne, Tim Frye Jr., Jonathan Ayers, Paul Gilbert
  • Extensive discussion regarding bylaws changes.


  • Legacy- Greg Payne motion: Scott Payne  second: Lee Netherton

Tammy Pierce      motion: Jon Head    second: Chris Hill

  • EMT of the year- Jon Head motion: Mike Gunn   second: Tyler Seehusen

Motion to close nominations: Scott Payne second: Heath Stockton


  • Motion to purchase another table at the BREMSS Banquet if necessary- no objections


  • Motion to reconsider the number of meetings per year-

Motion: Steve Pass

Second: Tyler Seehusen


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 21:29


Meeting Locations – 2023


Jan 5 – Remlap                                                 Feb 2 – Nectar                                                 March 2 – West Blount
April 6 – Susan Moore                                   May 4 – Blountsville                                       Jun 1 – Straight Mtn.
Jul 6 – Pine Mountain                                   Aug 3 – Dallas Selfville                                 Sept 7 – STV-Blount
Oct 5 – Holly Springs                                      Nov 2 – Palisades                                           Dec 7 – Oneonta

Abby Hill


Blount Co. Fire & EMS Association