2014-05-01 Minutes



Locust Fork Community Center

The meeting was called to order by Chairman John Reed. Weslie Powell gave the invocation. The following member organizations were represented: Allgood, Bangor, Blount County Rescue Squad, Blountsville, Brooksville, Dallas-Selfville, Holly Springs, Locust Fork, Mt. High, Murphree Valley, Nectar, Oneonta, Pine Mountain, Remlap, Ricetown, Rosa, Royal, Snead, Summit, Susan Moore and West Blount. EMA, Forestry, Special Ops, BREMSS, Blount EMS, Law Enforcement, and the District Attorney Office were also represented.

GUESTS Billy Atchison with Sun Belt Fire sponsored the meal and made a brief presentation of his products. Blount County District 2 Commissioner Carthal Self and Greg Woods, Volunteer Fire Assistance Coordinator with the Alabama Forestry Commission were present. Chairman John Reed then allowed the political candidates present to draw numbers and make a timed 3-minute presentation. Those candidates that spoke were:

Pat Bryant – District 3 Commissioners

Kevin Price – Sheriff

Ann Self – Revenue Commissioner

Mike Crawford – Sheriff

Gregg Armstrong – Revenue Commissioner

Laurie Lee for Brett King – Senate HD17

Loyd Arrington – Sheriff

Jim Murphree – Senate HD17

Chairman Reed asked for the approval of the minutes of the May meeting. Motion by Chief Ledbetter, seconded by Chief Frye, and carried by voice vote. The Financial Report was approved by a motion from Chief Frye, seconded by Chief Payne, and carried by voice vote.


CHAIRMAN John announced that Winston County will host the next quarterly meeting of the District 2 RCFP.

EMA – Director Don Roybal was absent due to a scheduled honeymoon so Doug thanked all departments for the continued response to so many needs during the April 28-29 storms and the days following. Doug asked that departments that had any response during the tornados fill out FEMA paperwork detailing the names of volunteers that worked along with the days and hours they were deployed. Also, any piece of equipment that was used needs to be documented. The equipment cost reimbursement will go back directly to the department to cover operation expenses. These reports are needed as soon as possible. The monthly Fuelman report was at 99.9% of budget.

9·1·1/COMMUNICATIONS John reported that the 911 Center thanks all departments for the food delivered during Telecommunicator Appreciation Week. Director Caleb Branch and Supervisor Neal Brooks were involved in the Highland Lake recovery mission and were not able to attend.

TRAINING Dates are still being considered for the ICS 400 training. Summit will start the 160 Class Block 3 on Saturday, May 3. Summit and Blountsville will host the Burn Trailer May 20-25 at Blountsville.

FIRE PREVENTION – Joe Ray Daily was present but had no report.

FORESTRY – Forestry Project Specialist Terry Helms introduced Greg Wood who spoke concerning the Federal Surplus Property procedures. Fill out your request forms with Terry listing the type of equipment needed and assign a Priority. These requests are filed with the Regional Coordinator and donated equipment is rotated between all of the Regions with each Region containing about 14 or 15 counties. At this time there are more requests than equipment available. Terry handed out 2014 grant checks.

SPECIAL OPS – Lt. Payne was present but had no report.


BREMSS – Protocol books are available for transport agencies. There is specific language for how trauma/stroke patients are to be entered. Divert and other issues have been addressed. It is recommended you call early to enter that patient once you determine your needs and have patient information.

Blount EMS – Let us know if you need anything.

AMED – No report.

LAW ENFORCEMENT – Sheriff Arrington thanked everyone for the cooperation in responding to the April 28-29 storms on Straight Mountain.

CORONER No report.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY Investigator John Wayne Ford apologized for DA Pamela Casey's absence due to conflicts and ask that you let their office know how they can help you.

LIFESAVER – No report.

AIR-EVAC – No report.

RED CROSS – No report.

GOOD & WELFARE – It was suggested that efforts to establish a more permanent funding source be pursued.


§ Holly Springs will host their 30th Anniversary Celebration / Open House on Saturday, May 10 from 1200 – 1600 at the Holly Springs FD on County Hwy 24.


§ The Association will set up a booth at the Oneonta Business Association's June Fling, Saturday, June 7 in downtown Oneonta from 0900-1500. Goals for the booth will be prevention, education and recruitment. Any departments that can assist during the day should coordinate with Chairman Reed.

The next meeting will be June 5, 2014 at Rickwood Caverns State Park hosted by Mt. High / Ricetown Fire Department. The meal will be at 6:30 sponsored by ServPro of Cullman.